Site Excavation

Site excavation in Erie, PA

Many construction projects can’t begin until rocks or soil are removed from the ground at a construction site. For a strong foundation, a base must be erected on level ground at the bottom. Sometimes, a site needs to be cleared for that to happen.

Capp Steel Erectors, Inc. has plenty of excavation equipment to help level a site and prepare it for work. This is done to both ensure a safe foundation to build on and to build down into the ground (basements). For the support your new building needs, a site excavation is necessary to make sure walls and other structures are safely secure in the ground.

Capp Steel Erectors, Inc. helps prepare your site for work.

Capp Steel Erectors, Inc. will go in and evaluate your site to make sure it is in the proper condition for construction. If there are issues, we will note them and begin excavation work to target those specific areas. We usually will look at the quality and texture of the soil where the foundation will be built. 

If excavation work needs to be done, Capp Steel Erectors, Inc. has all the equipment necessary to move rocks and other materials on site. We can also dig into the ground for work taking place below the surface. The excavation process includes surveying the ground, constructing walls and trenches, cleaning up loose soil, and making sure the foundation of the site is safe and secure. It’s just another example of the expert structural work completed by Capp Steel Erectors, Inc.

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